Because the sanctuary is closed to the public, we look for any and all opportunities to share our mission with the community. Last month, the Primate Rescue Center participated in Lexington’s premiere event, the August Night Market. This event is a local, pop-up open-air market in downtown Lexington that takes place on the first Friday evening of every month.

At our booth, we sold merchandise from our gift shop to raise funds for the primates. We had coozies, key chains, tote bags, t-shirts, magnets and quite a few other items enhanced with our logo for sale. Patrons also had the chance to purchase prints of original chimpanzee artwork! Visitors were happy to shop from our booth knowing that 100% of the proceeds would go towards the care of deserving primates close-by.

Left to right: Elizabeth Hayes (intern), Becca Banks (caregiver), Natalie Park (intern), Eileen Dunnington (Executive director), Caitlyn Hume (intern) and Jessica Seals (intern).

We also had the opportunity to speak with locals about the sanctuary and our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and aide in the recovery of captive primates in need across the nation. Fortunately, we made a lot of new friends because the block was entirely packed with people! Some visitors even took advantage of a rare opportunity to bid on a private tour of the sanctuary! The lucky couple with the winning bid was thrilled for the opportunity to score such an exclusive introduction to the sanctuary and primate residents.

We were so pleased to be a part of Lexington’s August Night Market, and we look forward to participating again in the near future! Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for any announcements about future events and community programs.