One of the most important things we do for our residents is provide them with new and interesting enrichment. Enrichment can be anything from new or unusual scents, to food, toys, and games. Recently the chimps and monkeys have been enjoying some new scent enrichment. We like to use natural, non-toxic scents like flowers, spices, and essential oils, which we get through donations. We put these scents on toys, blankets, or other items that they use to make beds, or even on the walls of their enclosures.


The chimps also enjoy looking at their essential oil diffuser, which we set up in front of a window looking into their playroom.

Something as simple as a new scent might not seem like much to you and me, but for our chimps and monkeys it is something new and exciting! If you would like to donate enrichment items for our monkeys and chimps, check out our Amazon wish list here.  Also, be sure and check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see videos of our residents enjoying all sorts of fun enrichment items!