With winter finally here in Kentucky, our monkey residents especially love their soft and snuggly blankets. Fresh and clean blankets are passed out daily for monkeys to use as bedding, soft seats, or something to cuddle. Even though their indoor enclosures are heated, we will still pass out extra blankets for those really cold Kentucky winter nights to make sure everyone stays warm and toasty.

Due to constant washing and some general wear and tear, we are always in need of blanket donations. Fleece is the best material for monkey blankets, as it is durable yet soft and warm. Plus, the monkeys love all the bright and colorful pattern options. Our Amazon Wish list has some options, or check out your local fabric store!

We would like to thank Theo Capaldo of the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) for donating a generous batch of NEAVS logo blankets for all the monkeys to enjoy!

Chester – spider monkey
Chester loves exploring new and interesting scents. Just a few drops of natural lavender essential oil gives his blankets an exciting yet relaxing smell and encourages scent exploration!

Rainey – rhesus macaque
Rainey enjoys getting her hands on what ever she can! She loves to tug and rip her blankets into smaller pieces. She also uses her blankets to “fish” for food items that have fallen just out of reach.

Peanut – capuchin
Peanut enjoys collecting as many blankets as she can. A bundle of blankets makes a warm spot to snuggle into! Any room for Grady in there with you Peanut?