The holiday season is truly inspiring. It fosters love and laughter and brings people together. For the Primate Rescue Center, it’s also the time of year that we strive to meet our year-end donation goal. We have promised to provide lifetime care to each of the 50 primates at the sanctuary and it is crucial that we meet this goal in order to keep our promise. The Primate Rescue Center is a BBB Wise Giving Alliance accredited charity, which means that we meet or exceed all 20 standards that the Wise Giving Alliance has established. By holding charities accountable to these standards, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance helps give donors confidence that their money is going to a reputable organization that will use those funds responsibly. With so many ways to give this holiday season, we wanted to remind everyone of all the exciting donation opportunities available:


Amazon: Wish List and Smile Program

Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the years. If you happen to be an Amazon shopper, there are two simple ways to support the Primate Rescue Center. We maintain an Amazon Wish List containing items as inexpensive as $3.00 that can be tacked onto your existing order. Wish List items include toys, enrichment, snacks and stuffed animals. If you’re looking for something to get your order to the minimum amount required for free shipping, our Wish List is sure to do the trick! In addition, Amazon Smile is a program that allows a portion of your purchase to be donated to the PRC – at no extra cost to you! Just click HERE, select Primate Rescue Center in Nicholasville, KY as your benefitting organization and shop away!



iGive is a browser add-on that generates a donation to the Primate Rescue Center each time you shop online – at no cost to you! Simply download iGive on your computer, smart phone or tablet and look for the orange dandelion button anytime you shop online! You can iGive with most major companies, such as Target, WalMart, Kohl’s, Macy’s and many, many more!  Click HERE to get started.

Facebook Fundraiser

This year, we are looking to our Facebook followers to support our Season of Promise fundraiser for the primates. With over 8,000 followers, we are hopeful that our followers can join together to give a small gift of just $5.00 to support the apes and monkeys. If we all work together, these small gifts will all add up to make a huge impact! With a goal of $2,000, please consider supporting our efforts by following this link to our fundraiser.


PRC’s Website


For a quick and easy way to donate, click HERE to visit our online donation form. This form allows you to donate any amount and is securely processed. It even gives you the option to receive a PRC poster for donating $35.00 or more! If there’s a particular primate you’d like your donation to sponsor, write their name in the notes section and we will get a special gift for them.

Become a Primate Pal

Our Primate Pals program allows supporters from all over to sponsor the care of any PRC resident for a year. Through this symbolic adoption, individuals will learn about their Pal through frequent photos, letters and updates. Primate Pal sponsorships make great gifts! The gift recipient will receive the adoption kit, which includes a photo and certificate suitable for framing and a one-year family membership with an invitation to our Annual Member Event in the summer. Getting a Primate Pal is a fun and educational gift for children, and also great for adults who love wildlife. Additional shipping charges may apply to receive before December 25th.


Kroger Community Rewards

For all of our supporters living in Central Kentucky, don’t forget to sign up for Kroger Community Rewards! If you live in central Kentucky this is an easy way to support the PRC every time you shop at Kroger! Just log in to your Kroger account on their website and click the Community Rewards tab – then choose the PRC as your organization.


Share Your Retirement Assets

According to Fidelity Charitable,

‘Donating an IRA or other retirement assets to charity can be a tax-smart estate planning strategy. It is always possible to donate retirement assets, including IRAs and 401(k)s by cashing them out, paying the income tax attributable to the distribution and then contributing the proceeds to charity. In many cases, though, there is little to no tax benefit associated with this type of donation. However, a direct contribution of retirement assets to charity as part of an estate planning strategy can be very tax efficient. In some situations, it can mean more funds for charities and heirs alike.

For many people, a retirement account like an IRA or 401(k) may be the most significant source of assets accumulated in their lifetime. Others may find that, due to their other resources and investments, they are not in need of all the funds accumulated in their retirement accounts. For those who wish to give to charity, a natural question is whether they can donate retirement assets—and if there are any tax advantages for doing so.’

The Primate Rescue Center has experience with and is available to receive charitable donations from personal IRA and retirement assets. You can email for more information.

This season, you can give confidently knowing that one hundred percent of your donation goes directly to the care of the monkeys and apes who live at the PRC and count on your support!