Special Delivery for Annabelle!

The PRC is home to not only chimps and monkeys, but also a beautiful and very energetic Great Pyrenees dog named Annabelle. Annabelle was adopted by the PRC in December of 2018 from a local rescue, and has been exploring, running, digging, cuddling, climbing, barking, jumping and living the good life in the valley with us ever since.

Just like we do our very best to provide the primates a nutritious and delicious diet to keep them healthy and strong, we are also able to provide Annabelle a healthy, wholesome diet through a food sponsorship from our local Pet Wants store in Lexington.


The mission of Pet Wants is to improve the nutrition, health, vitality and well-being of pets. They make it easy for pet parents to provide the most nutritious food available to the pets they love. They offer food and treats for both dogs and cats, made fresh monthly in small batches by Ohio Pet Foods, Inc. in Lisbon, Ohio. Pet Wants food is made without corn, wheat, or soy, they don’t use any fillers, dyes, or by products, and they have grain-free options available for dogs or cats with allergies.


This generous sponsorship for Annabelle from Pet Wants Lexington includes a monthly subscription of Annabelle’s favorite food, delivered straight to our door by the Pet Wants crew. To learn more about the food they offer and shop for your furry friend, visit them online by going to PetWantsLex.com.

There are subscriptions available for dog and cat food and treats. They offer free delivery to Lexington and Nicholasville, and a $5 flat rate to Georgetown, Frankfort and Mt. Sterling. Shipping is also available to those outside of their local delivery range. They are offering to friends of the PRC a 15% discount off their first delivery by using the coupon code ‘PRIMATES’ at checkout (no minimum order).

We are so thankful to Pet Wants Lexington for their continued support throughout the years, and for providing nutrition we can trust to our lovely friend Annabelle.

Visit PetWantsLex.com, or check out their store at:

321 S Ashland Ave.

Lexington, KY 40502

Text or Call: 859-948-3333

Email: mmautz@petwants.com

Store Hours: Mon – Sat: 10a – 6p and Sun: 1p – 5p