We had a really great group of interns this summer! They worked so hard and really made a difference in the primates’ lives! Follow this link to find out how you can experience this amazing opportunity. We are currently accepting local applications for the fall and winter sessions.

Rebecca Banks

Becca grew up right around the corner in Nicholasville. She currently attends Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY as an Animal Studies major. She is in the Animal Studies Club and the Honors Program at EKU. After she graduates, she would like to work at a sanctuary or rehabilitation facility for exotic animals.

Becca commuted to the sanctuary several days each week. She worked really hard during her internship, and her favorite task was pressure washing…anything! She enjoyed providing a healthy environment for the primates and watching them re-enter their clean and enriched enclosures.

Becca quickly fell in love with Pozna Chimpanzee. She loved walking in the chimp kitchen and seeing her welcoming face. Becca really liked watching Pozna make her elaborate nests and laying in them with her feet in the air.

Becca completed 260 hours during her summer internship from June 1 to August 19, 2015. We are so happy that she has decided to continue making a difference in the primates’ lives by completing another internship this fall!

Hanna Constant

Hanna is from Tyronza, Arkansas. She currently attends Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas as an Anthropology major. She will be graduating in December, and she is looking for career opportunities with wildlife, including in the sanctuary setting as well as state enforcement agencies.

Hanna lived on the sanctuary property for the summer, and she really enjoyed walking down the stairs each morning and seeing the chimps get excited to see her.
Her favorite task was throwing birthday parties for the chimps and says that she will never forget the happy noises they make as they all forage for the hidden treats and toys.

Hanna instantly bonded with Rodney Chimpanzee on her very first day. As the weeks went by, Rodney would sit outside with her until he slowly drifted into an afternoon nap.  She felt a connection with him every time they would look at one another.

Hanna completed 480 hours during her summer internship from June 1 to August 12, 2015. She says that she misses so much about the PRC already, from seeing Cory causing ruckus to Zulu’s kisses and how Rainey turns upside down when you talk with her. We wish Hanna luck in her career pursuits and hope she visits whenever she is traveling near or through Kentucky!

Rebekah Hawk

Becky is originally from Chicago. She recently graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology. She started the Anthropology Club at Miami University and was a teacher’s assistant for Physical Anthropology. She also studied abroad in Madagascar with Lemurs. Becky wants to return to school to further her studies in primatology and conservation.

Becky lived on the sanctuary property for the summer and says she loved the sounds of the sanctuary. She really enjoys having all the primates as her neighbors. Her favorite task was cleaning the outdoor enclosure and prepping it with forage treats scattered in the tall grasses. She found it so rewarding to watch the chimps get excited to go back outside.

Becky was drawn to the Primate Rescue Center by her favorite primate species, the gibbon. She loved hearing the calls of our Jenny Gibbon fill the sanctuary. But, over the months, Cory Chimpanzee has stolen her heart. She loves Cory’s adorable personality and how much fun he has interacting with everyone.

Becky completed 500 hours during her summer internship from June 9 to August 31, 2015. We are extremely thrilled that Becky will continue her experience at the PRC in our One Year Internship Program. Her dedication, positive attitude, and kind heart will continue to make a difference in our residents’ lives.