These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

by: Melanie Parker

The enrichment program at the PRC is an essential part of our overall animal care program. Engaging the primates’ minds and bodies with enriching and stimulating foods, manipulative toys, foraging opportunities, and a variety of climbing structures within their enclosures is a key element to helping them achieve a healthy life.

We are always looking for exciting enrichment items and encouraging our staff, volunteers, and interns to get creative when enriching the primates’ homes, but there are a few tried and true things that will never get old and can be used in various enrichment projects. Foods like nuts in shell, coconut shavings, oatmeal and cereal, manipulatives like books, toys, and paper, and structural items like mats, crates, and plastic playground equipment are items that will always be essential to our enrichment program.

The PRC’s Amazon account is where anyone can visit to find and purchase items for the primates, and we have several items on our wish list for donors to choose from. We are also excited to begin sharing affiliate links with you for items that we are currently requesting. When you purchase an item using the specific link below, the PRC will receive a donation from Amazon for a percentage of the purchase price. So not only is your generosity directly benefitting the primates through the item you’ve purchased, but you are also helping us to raise funds for our animal care program through Amazon’s affiliate donations!

Click the Amazon Affiliate Links below to check out some of our most-used enrichment items, and should you choose to purchase any of the items through these links, we will receive a portion of the profit!

Plastic Barrels            Kraft Brown Paper       Foam Puzzle Mats

Large Paper Bags      Buckets with Lids         Cereal

Nuts in Shell               Board Books                 Peanut Butter

Rocking Horses          Slides                             Milk Crates

Coconut Shavings      Toys                               Heavy Duty Mats