The Primate Rescue Center would love to start the New Year off with a fundraising bang! We want to encourage you to spread our message and to promote and take advantage of the variety of ways you can help our primates.

We currently have two fundraising events in which you can participate. The first event is through the fundraising website Razoo. We need to raise $60,000 to build an enclosure for the four Barbary Macaques who were in dire need of rescue when the Las Vegas Zoo was closed down by the USDA this past summer. We currently have a Facebook Challenge where we are encouraging all of our Facebook fans to donate $10 – and to get one friend to donate $10 to the fund. If each of our supporters donated just $10, we could make this goal a reality!

We've also partnered with Pampered Chef for an Online Fundraiser. Did you make a New Year’s resolution to do more cooking at home? Or perhaps your favorite serving dish didn't survive the holidays. If you purchase a Pampered Chef product through this fundraiser, 10-15% of your purchase price will go directly to help the primates at the PRC! You can help yourself while also helping the primates – it’s that easy.  

You can also choose to fund specific needs at the sanctuary. This winter has been especially harsh, and our heating costs have gone through the roof! Each of our primate enclosures have heated indoor areas, and normally we fill our two 500-gallon propane tanks a couple times a month when the winter temperatures roll around. With the record lows we have experienced this winter, our heating costs have topped $3000 a month! If you would like to help keep the primates warm and cozy this winter, please earmark your donation towards propane.

Through our Primate Pals Program, you can choose a specific monkey or chimp and help support the medical, nutritional and enrichment needs of that resident for an entire year. You will receive a package including a photo and certificate suitable for framing and a one-year family membership. 100% of your sponsorship goes toward supporting your Primate Pal.

For those individuals who prefer a more tangible way of donating, we have an Amazon Wish List. This list consists of toys, books, dried fruit and nuts, and other supplies that we need here at the PRC to enrich the lives of our primate residents as well as maintain their living areas. It is so easy to purchase these items and have them shipped directly to the PRC. Please include your name and address in the gift note section so we know who sent us our wonderful donation! Even if you are not able to support the PRC at this moment, please use our link to Amazon for your own purchases and the PRC will receive 4% back from Amazon.   

With the variety of choices available to support the Primate Rescue Center, we hope that you choose to help us continue to provide exceptional care for our primate residents. 100% of your donation goes directly to supporting our primates and is tax deductible. Every little bit counts and we certainly appreciate it.