The Primate Rescue Center rescued its first monkey, Gizmo, in 1987 and began a journey which has now spanned 34 years and given refuge to hundreds of primates along the way. Every day that we are able to provide a safe haven for the rescued monkeys and apes in our care is a day to celebrate, but we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some joyful milestones for some of our sanctuary residents. We are proud and honored to care for and celebrate the “20+ Years of Sanctuary Club”, which includes the following 15 PRC residents:

  • Jenny Siamang gibbon, who was brought to the sanctuary as “zoo surplus” on March 13, 1992, has thrived at the sanctuary and become one of the oldest Siamang gibbons in captivity. She also holds the title for the most years since her rescue –over 29 years.


  • Bisou spider monkey, who came to the sanctuary on November 12, 1993 after being found running wild in California, has lived happily at the PRC forover 27 years.

  • Dewey rhesus macaque, who came to the sanctuary in August 1997 after living for over a decade in an experimental laboratory in Michigan. Dewey passed away in March of this year, but enjoyed a safe sanctuary life at the PRC for nearly 24 years.

  • The L.E.M.S.I.P chimp group, including Martina, Ike, Rodney, Noelle, Cory, Jenny and Pozna, were rescued on August 19, 1996, marking 25 yearsof sanctuary for remaining chimps Martina, Ike, Rodney, Noelle and Jenny.

  • Maggie Sulawesi macaque, rescued from a pet situation in Missouri on April 8, 1998, has lived happily at the sanctuary for23 years.

  • The Dahlonega Five chimp group, including Zulu, Hazel, Victoria, Donald and Debbie, were rescued on May 8, 1998, marking23 years of sanctuary for remaining chimps Donald, Zulu and Victoria.

  • Grady capuchin monkey, who was placed for care at the PRC on June 3, 2000 after living for several years in a human home, has enjoyed21 years of sanctuary life, remaining strong despite his diabetic condition.

  • Zoe long-tailed macaque, who was placed for care at the PRC on January 25, 2001 from a private home in Illinois, and is still a frisky, sweet, and energetic gal after 20 years at the sanctuary.

  • Cysgo capuchin monkey, who was placed for care on July 24, 2001 from a private home in Kentucky, marked 20 years of sanctuary life this year.

If you would like to sponsor the care of any of the “20+ Years of Sanctuary Club” primates, you can click on their names above to be directed to their personal profile on our website. Then click on “Become My Pal” and fill in your contact and payment information to become their Primate Pal.