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Primatologists work to keep great apes safe from coronavirus

Human respiratory viruses are already the leading cause of death in chimp communities at Kibale and at Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, where Jane Goodall worked, according to a study by Goldberg and colleagues. Now, as COVID-19 spreads closer to endangered great apes in Africa and Asia, researchers and veterinarians are gearing up to protect the apes as well as local people.

A Sweet Message from Our Volunteer Joseph

During this pandemic, safety guidelines have been implemented at the Primate Rescue Center to restrict attendance to essential staff only. This is the safest thing possible, and I completely respect the decision made by everyone there, as I know it was surely a...

Blissful Bucky

Bucky and his long-time companion Timmy started their lives as “pets” in a human home. They came to live at the Primate Rescue Center in 2013 after their owner decided to surrender them and allow them to live out their lives in sanctuary. They continue to live...